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DG keen to partner with developers

Director General Mbulelo Tshangana, Department of Human Settlements admits the economy is not doing well, Human Settlements is not doing well. We are managing a budget of R34 billion, the affordable housing market is extremely indebted and we are operating in an environment where things are not doing well.

Tshangana offered developers a helping hand and called on delegates to partner with government and government can mitigate the risks for bankable projects.

He says to cash strapped developers, “You become more innovative when you run out of money, you save every little cent. We are saying to you those things about development the upstream risks of development - are risks that can be mitigated if you partner properly, we can cover some of those costs. We are not asking for a return…. We will ask for a fee… we will negotiate.”

His easy going way manner makes it appealing to do business with government. Government is not this homogenous institution they all have different interests, Treasury, Procurement Compliance NPOs. “The budget office looks at how you are spending your money and regulates spending.  I am focussing on partnerships. We can’t do the same thing, the same way Einstein says that is the definition of insanity.”

The Housing Development Agency he says have to fund bankable projects they can help you mitigate all the risks and it depends how you package those projects. They have packaged 102 Catalytic projects so far countrywide.

“But don’t come to me without owning a project.”

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