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Renney Comments:

 “In the last two years we have gone backwards in terms of lawlessness in the inner city, it is part of a dysfunctional government feeding down the line and tied into a bad economy.

“We have found a newly energised City Council in Johannesburg and it’s radically different from the past council. There is a willingness to listen and to encourage investment.

“No one is complaining they haven’t made a return on their investment in the inner city.”

Inner city specialist and founder of Afhco, Renney Plit at I H S  9th Affordable Housing Conference, Hyde Park.

Carel Comments:

“Nowadays we work harder for our tenants, there is more money, more investment, and more choices for the tenant.”

“We will continue to invest in the inner city and we are getting decent returns if it’s well priced there is demand.”

“We have a diverse portfolio - one third is in the inner city, we have found it more stable than townhouses and suburban blocks.

“The inner city is not cheap and we haven’t penetrated low enough at scale. We have failed in this market barring the social companies who are doing brilliant work.”

“Affordable housing at R9 000 is ridiculous that is a household income of R24 000...”

Carel De Wit, CEO,  Indluplace, Reit

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