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I H S‘s star continues to shine

Market leaders, International Housing Solutions 9th annual Affordable Housing conference Rob Wesselo, Managing Director says it has been a ‘helleva year’.

Rob’s team and I H S investment partners assisted the equity funder attract US$ 500 million. This represents 800 deals, 54 investments and currently 18 700 units, land for a further 7 700 units, plus 10 000 units sold. The company has set its sights on Namibia and Botswana and expanded its offerings through its property management business. The latter has a successful track record with occupancy in the high 90s.

Backed by key partners, IFC, MacArthur Foundation, OPIC, Eskom Pension Fund, Citi and others. Rob says, “Our property management includes 8 500 units, Transcend our Reit fund celebrates its first year and is performing well.”

I H S deal maker Myles Kritzinger shared how easy it is to go green and cited some examples where introducing energy efficient products such as solar heating, low flow taps, ceiling insulation has benefitted residents.

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