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Attractive durable paving

Appearance is a key selling point for residential properties and the choice of paving plays an important role in the final design of developments.

It is no surprise that Technicrete’s Conleaf smart and durable pavers are often specified by architects and developers in order to obtain the desired attractive finish to a project. The Conleaf paving block offers attractive patterns and lines through its unique soft curved appearance and with a choice of colours that include autumn, terracotta, plum, grey, slate and tan.

It is a very functional and durable paver which enhances the final appearance of any petrol station forecourt, municipal parking area, pathway, commercial and residential development, roads and suburban streets.

The Conleaf is manufactured in a 55mm or 60 mm thickness, with a 200x200 mm length/width. A larger 80mm is available upon request.

Technicrete ISG is part of the Infrastructure Specialist Group which also comprises Rocla and Ocon Brick.

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