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R5,5 billion Riverside View Mega City

The R5,5 billion Mega City development at Riverside View north of Fourways and north of Steyn City will yield 9 605 units across the residential spectrum including apartments.

The Mega City project will include 2 949 FLISP partially subsidised units, 3 332 RDP fully subsidised units and 3 324 high density walk-up rental units. The multi billion project will roll out along the western border of the Riversands incubation hub, south of Diepsloot.

The MEC for Gauteng Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Human Settlements, Paul Mashatile, City of Johannesburg MMC for Housing, Mzobanzi Ntuli and Gauteng Premier, David Makhura recently visited the Riverside View Mega City development.

The South African government does not allocate RDP houses to foreign nationals. Government prioritises South Africans and says Paul Mashatile, “Foreign nationals should follow the laws of the country and not take RDP houses that are not meant for them.”

Mashatile and the Premier of Gauteng, David Makhura and MMC for Human Settlements in the City of Johannesburg, Mzobanzi Ntuli handed-over of 480 houses in Riverside View mega city project near Diepsloot.

The MEC said that government has introduced rental stock for people who do not qualify for subsidised housing.

He told the residence of Diepsloot that South Africans love foreign nationals and they live peacefully with them. But the problem start when they are occupying RDP houses that are meant for South Africans. Mashatile said he has been tasked by the Premier to find land and put in service like water, sewer and electricity so that people who wants to build for themselves can do so and not wait for government RDP house.

The MEC said when government is handing over house, it will also issue title deeds because a title deed is an asset and it gives a sense of ownership and a restoration of dignity to our people, it is also a good investment for beneficiaries’ children and grandchildren.

 “The government will be implementing biometrics technology to discourage double dipping and corruption. South Africans who are selling houses and renting them out for Spaza shops will never get a house from government again” said Mashatile.

The Gauteng Premier, David Makhura said that government is going to pump R5,5 billion into Riverside View mega city project in the period of eight years.

“Riverside View mega city project will yield more than 10 000 housing units upon completion. He said black people should enjoy good quality of life. We need to start prioritising elderly people and those who applied in 1996” said Makhura.

Makhura said Gauteng government has built more than 1.2 million houses since 1996 and yet there are more than 600 000 people on the waiting list.

“As government we need to build houses for the elderly, child headed, people living with disability and military veterans. This government should prioritise the education for young people so that they can get jobs and build their own houses, they do not have to queue on the waiting list for an RDP” said Makhura.

He also said that South Africans and foreign nationals should take care of each other, but it’s important to follow the laws of the country so that people can live together in peace and harmony.

The Premier further said that Gauteng government is transforming spatial planning of the old apartheid government in the province. He said across N4, government is going to launch Lenseria City in the next few weeks. He said people should be able to stay near where they work.

Makhura also sent a strong message to Business Forums across Diepsloot. He said business forums should desist from interrupting government projects or else government will never prioritise them for other projects. “These business forums should learn to work with government and stop interrupting project” said the Premier.

The Ntuli said that people should desist from land invasion because it takes back the progress made by government.  “Land and RDP houses invasion is very disruptive to government programmes. It’s a set back and a delay to people who have been waiting for RDP house since 1996. If people can work with government, land invasion will be the thing of past,” said Ntuli

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