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In the past few years I have had the opportunity to go on pilgrimages with Paramahansa Vishwananda and would like to share thank this loving humble being for his Grace in my life. He reminds us all that the Lord/Divine whatever you wish to call him the DIVINE offers us all the opportunity to experiences love, joy, heartache, frustration and a dictionary of options for us to play out to reach our heart and HIM.

Glorious Earth is the landscape for this mighty cosmic play, which offers Oscar performances in our life drama. We write our scripts. Edit our choices, play all the parts, heroes and protagonists. We star in the drama, sitcom, tragedy, reality show, and decide on our cast and crew and supporting role.

And when we become accomplished, move onto new roles all to bring us to the realisation that the hole in our heart can only be satisfied by finding HIM.

With much gratitude and love to Paramahansa Vishwananada.

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