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Harbour Arch

Around the world there is a movement towards energy and water saving technology, and other sustainable solutions.

Everything about development today is about sustainability and energy-wise innovation. Nicholas Stopforth, Managing Director of Amdec Property Development says, “There’s a strong push towards incorporating green construction materials and utilising all available innovative technologies,” he shares. “It is most certainly a global trend, and for good reason – ultimately, we need to reduce our impact on the planet.” 

Another big shift is that investors are now taking notice. Globally, and locally, investors and consumers are growing more aware of the need for sustainable solutions. Not only are innovative features expected, they are certainly necessary for the overall success of new developments.

“We have responded to that demand for innovation in our latest developments. The demand for social responsibility from a consumer perspective and investors calling for sustainability are impacting our choices,” says Stopforth.    

The Amdec Group is known for developing Johannesburg’s iconic and award-winning mixed-use precinct Melrose Arch. Their latest development, Harbour Arch anticipates that phase one will be completed by end 2020 on Cape Town’s foreshore area of the CBD. It will be the largest of its kind in the city at 5.8 ha. It represents an investment of approximately R10 billion, and will take ten years to complete.

The Harbour Arch precinct, with six individual tower blocks and 200 000 m² of usable space, is set to elevate Cape Town to the world stage for sustainable development.  

A key focus area for Harbour Arch will be sustainability and eco-friendly innovation, with integrated green building initiatives including refuse recycling, water-saving devices and rainwater harvesting, a centralized district cooling facility, and low-energy LED lighting.


Stopforth explains that Harbour Arch, like Melrose Arch, is all about new urbanism – where all daily needs (apartments, shops, gyms, restaurants, bars) are within walking distance.

Harbour Arch is modelled on the global trend for walkable precincts such as Darling Harbour in Sydney and Battersea Power Station in London. “Not only does this type of development take a load off the transport network, but it’s all about being able to live, work, and play in a precinct which is safe and secure,” explains Stopforth.

“The new urbanism trend is well established and gaining significant traction in South Africa, with developments like Melrose Arch, Menlyn Maine, Century City, and now Harbour Arch are prime examples.”   

The development will also create significant job opportunities for the city. According to Stopforth, the first phase is likely to create up to 2 500 jobs. Overall, construction alone could generate up to 12 000 construction jobs.

Beyond that, two Marriott branded hotels destined for the site will secure around 400 permanent jobs, with retail and lifestyle spaces holding further potential for permanent positions. The site will also offer boutique office space, upmarket residential apartments, and more.  

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